Saturday, May 2, 2015

Woods Legacy Chapter 1Corrupt Cops and Little Old Ladies

Hello fellow simmers! Please ignore the passed out cop. She's completely competent, I swear!

Welcome to my attempt at the legacy challenge for the sims 4! A legacy challenge needs no introduction. Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

Meet Emma Woods, a hot-headed, self-assured, family-orientated little ginger who has the special privilege or being my founder! Let's check out that glorious house. 

"Woah, woah, woah. You expect me to live here?"

That was my intention, yes.

"Yeah. I'm outta here. Where's the mansion I was promised?"

Haha oh Emma. You're so silly; you can't leave. This is your destiny! Your fate! I know it isn't much, but if you work really hard one day you'll be able to afford that mansion all on your own!


So it's off to the park with Emma to scavenge for treasure and hopefully make some quick cash!

That's right! Eat up all the free food Emma! It's not like you'll have much food waiting for you at home.

"So like I was saying, my goal in life is to live in the biggest mansion possible. Think you could help me out with that?"

Nice try Emma, but we all know the Legacy rules state you can't bring in any outside money from spouses.

Anything good Emma? If you find enough collectables maybe we'll make enough to buy you some walls!

Or not. Turns out, collectables aren't so valuable as the $1000 dollar flowers you'd sometimes find in the sims 3. Sorry Emma.

Yes, yes. Hello to you too Mrs. Landgrab. Now could you please leave my lot so Emma can shower in peace?

Due to our lack of walls, Emma had to go to her first day of work in an embarrassed state.

"I just want to go home and hide under the bed! You suck."

Yeah yeah, It's not like I'm having any fun either, you know. *lies*

At least you have your coworker Liam here to cheer you up with your miserable microwave meal!

"My food is cold and I'm tired."

Geez, all you do is complain!

"So what made you want to join the police force, Emma?"

"Well, frankly I just want to take my unhealthy levels of aggression out on unsuspecting criminals!"

As it's Emma's first day on the job, she's assigned to help out a veteran officer at a crime scene. 

"You know, I could help you out with your legacy, Ms. Woods I am a seasoned officer after all."

"Hahaha in your dreams, mister!"

 After taking some crime scene photos, many of which involved the notorious gang symbols of llamas and gnomes, it's finally time to get some eye witness testimony.

"So, you're the witnesses, eh? Tell me what the suspect looked like."

"Well, it all happened so fast! I think she had grey hair... or maybe it was black..."

The accuracy of eyewitness testimony, everyone.

 Emma works closely with Liam to analyze the evidence.

Apologies for the greenery in the station, sometimes walls just get in the way.

What are you doing back here? Was Emma's police report not good enough?!?

So I send Emma to the bar to cool off after a hard day's work. See, I'm a good God aren't I, Emma?

"Yeah yeah, thanks and whatever. Now where's my martini?"

Ooh Emma look! A mysterious cowboy type! Quick, bust out your best dance moves!

"Hell yay, gotta shake itttt!"

Emma really likes to dance.

Emma and Mr. Cowboy really hit it off.. Potential spouse? Perhaps.

Now this. This is the face of law enforcement.

"Get out of my way civilians! I've got a massive hangover and I will NOT hesitate to lock you up for littering!"

Jeez Emma, don't you think that's a bit harsh?

"Not harsh enough! These ungrateful sims need to be taught a lesson!"

"Yeah that's right, I saw you, fatty. Keep your candy wrappers off the grass and quite propositioning old ladies!"

"And what are you supposed to be? Bozo the clown? I'm gonna have to lock you up for a fashion violation!"

"What?!? This outfit is perfectly appropriate for a day out at the park!"

"Oh yeah? To attract children to your mysterious candy van? I'm not buying it, Bozo."

Not all day is spent busting criminals. In fact, most of it is spent chatting with the townsfolk. Maybe that's why we only ended up issuing one ticket...

"It's too bad pink-shirt is already married. I've got a thing for him. Think he'd like to be spanked with my police baton?"

No, Emma. I really don't think so.

 "Welp, bye guys. I gotta get back to beating up pedophiles and what not!"

"What is this? Another litterer?!?"

You left that trash pile yourself when you were scavenging the trashcan for money.

"Oh yeah. Nevermind then."

Emma, get over here! Liam's knocking on your bathroom--er--front door!

"So then I gave him a fashion violation for his rubber nose. We can't have people walking around like that disrupting society!"

"So what do ya think about joining me in this legacy?"

"Well, I don't know, Emma. I am a materialistic and non-committal sim, but I'll think about it."

Emma's gotta keep her options open, so I send her on a date with Mr. Cowboy. I'll remember his name someday.

A nice night out on the town is exactly what Emma needs. 

 The end of the night ends with a smooch, but I'm not sure if he's marriage material. He's mean and she's hot-headed. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

At work, Emma tries to put all the evidence she's collected together to make a case.

Hmm. Do you think that lady looks suspiciously like Mrs. Landgrab? Apparently there's also a pig involved. Well, time to put out an all points bulletin on the suspect.

"That's right, old lady. You're coming with me. Your sweet granny games won't work on me!"

Honestly I was surprised THIS was the culprit. I was not expected a woman, or an elder sim. The sims has always been about equality, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. She's got a great face for an elder sim.

"No, please, I have children, grandchildren. They'll be lost without me!"

"I think they'll survive without your cookies, grandma."

When we get to the police station, the perp has the nerve to use her cell phone!! Well all right missy but that counts as your one phone call!

"Take a look at these photos. Feel guilty yet?"

I try the good cop route first mixed it with presenting evidence, but we soon get fed up with that, and Emma's not hesitant about turning up the heat...

"You murdered that sim family, didn't you?!? DIDN'T YOU? Look at these papers! LOOK AT THEM! You murdered them all in cold blood and left your fingerprints at the scene you dumb oaf!"


 "You better confess right now, or else I'll recommend the maximum sentence, and I hear the prison doesn't feed their resident cow plant."

In the end, Emma scares the old lady enough to weasle out a confession. Good job, Emma!

Confident from her successful arrest, Emma makes a bold move.

"Say Liam, I just put away a first degree murderer and I'm feeling frisky! What's say you and me start a little office romance?"

 With no encouragement from me, Liam comes over that evening, looking to accept Emma's proposal.

Notice I've upgraded the legacy lot from Emma's promotions. I believe she'd a cadet now, level 3. She even got a neat prison bed and toilet out of it!


 "Mmm I'm feeling zesty and I don't think it's from the salad!"

With romantic pop music playing the background and an empty salad bowl on his lap, Emma makes her move.

They begin to dance the night away, but when that doesn't bring her fun up fast enough, I come up with an even better way to raise that fun bar...

While they kiss, I do a bit of redecorating.

 "Hey, where'd my old bed go? What's this double bed doing here?"

Heh heh

 So this is where I'll leave you simmers. With a picture of Liam struggling to get to the toilet because the shelf is in the way. Oh sims. You're so stupid you're endearing.

I'd like to give a shout out to Candi, a member of the sims community who wrote the first uglacy legacy. I took inspiration from her writing style when creating this. Please comment if you want to, and feel free to share your legacies with me; I'd love to read them.

Happy simming!